BCPC Full Reopening Phase 1 Information [June 13, 2021]

Here is information regarding the first phase of reopening of BCPC that will take place beginning on June 13, 2021. Our service on June 13th will also be a Communion Service where we will celebrate the Lord’s Table together.

Summary of the new guidelines:

  • The Korean-speaking congregation will have two services at 10AM and 11:30AM. Both services will be held in the main sanctuary.
  • The English-speaking congregation will have one service at 10AM in the small sanctuary.
    • We will have a nursery room attached to the small sanctuary with an audio feed for parents with young children. We believe that children are a blessing and we intend to experience all the real ups and downs with you even during worship.
    • Registration is no longer required. We will be placing chairs ~3 feet apart as singles. If you want to sit together with your family or loved ones, chairs can be moved around with others in mind before service begins.
    • Although Pastor Peter and the worship team may not be wearing masks while on stage during the service, we are asking everyone to continue wearing masks while in service and during fellowship times.
  • The Education Department (PreK-Senior High) will host all of their services at 11:30AM.
    • There will be no children’s programming at 10AM (EM Service) for the time being.
    • The Education Department will be sending newsletters for each ministry. Only the Youth Group will be worshipping in a different location (the gym) and all Youth Group students will have to enter the gym through the gym doors.
  • We will continue to provide a livestream of the service.
  • We will also have a fellowship area outdoors (weather permitting) for those who wish to stay a little longer and hang out.

Lastly, a word about being in the small sanctuary so there isn’t any confusion or conjecture. For the sake of making things simpler for all the other ministries within the church, the EM offered to stay in the small sanctuary in this first phase of reopening. For the Education Department to host all of their services, all volunteers and teachers are required to attend service, which means EM and KM has to offer a 10AM service. Under normal conditions, the EM used the main sanctuary and the KM the small sanctuary during that time slot. Because we envision and hope that the KM congregation returns in big numbers, the KM most likely needs the main sanctuary for both 10AM and 11:30AM services taking social distancing into account as well. For these reasons, the EM proactively and joyfully offered the use of the main sanctuary at 10AM to the KM. 

We’re excited to have you back at church, albeit not completely under “normal” circumstances, but glad nonetheless to see you all soon. Let love be genuine! (Romans 12:9) Have a blessed week in Christ and see you on Sunday!