March 18, 2020


Dear BCPC English Ministry,
I hope you’re well and trusting and rejoicing in our Lord Jesus. Given the rapidly escalating COVID-19 crisis and at the behest of President Trump’s recommendation of avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people which comes on the heels of the CDC’s recommendation last Sunday evening of cancelling or postponing gatherings of 50 people of more for the next eight weeks, the Elders have decided to suspend live in person worship service indefinitely.


Pastor Greg Gilbert of Third Avenue Baptist Church speaks clearly on this issue: “Christians should never be motivated by fear, not when we serve the Sovereign Lord of the Universe. But there’s a crucial difference between fear and prudence, and in this case love for our neighbors compels us to join our nation’s extraordinary efforts to minimize contact between people in order to slow the spread of this virus and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic. We are not cancelling our services because we ourselves, as Christians, are afraid to get sick or even afraid to die. God forbid! “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Rather, we are cancelling because we believe it is imperative for us to be a part of our society’s response to this virus that, at best, will be serious for the most vulnerable, and, at worst, could put even more people at risk by creating a severe and sudden spike in demand on our health care system. So don’t be afraid or fearful, brothers and sisters. Read God’s Word, remember God’s promises, help those who are needy, and trust in God. He is sovereign over all, and He loves you dearly.”


Although there is no set time table for when we will be able to worship together in person, we do however have a plan for us to continue being the body of believers. And this is the reason why I am writing to you today.
First, we plan to record a modified worship service on Saturday afternoon with minimal people involved. This way we avoid being inside the church building on Sunday morning where the KM will be live-streaming from the main sanctuary at 10AM. This was a joint decision that I believe benefits both congregations and keeps necessary staff at a minimum. We will upload the modified worship service on Sunday morning here on our website and to the following link: We know it will be weird for some at first, but gather together some friends and loved ones and let’s continue to worship together in this unique way. We don’t know how many weeks we will have to rely on this way of doing things, but I believe we will realize that this is simply a temporary compromise rather than an ongoing convenience. I pray for and am super excited for the day we reopen our doors and can safely gather together and worship together.
Until further notice, everything at BCPC is cancelled. Please do not come to the church building. There will be no events of any kind at the church building, and no events under the church’s name will be happening anywhere else either. To find out how we can continue to be the body of believers, please see our plan below.
  • INTERCESSORY PRAYER GROUPS – Over the next few days, the membership list will be divided amongst the deacons and they will serve as intercessory prayer group leaders. There was already an intercessory prayer plan for our ministry in the works, but in God’s timing we will have to implement it sooner than planned. Basically, these intercessory prayer groups will serve as connection points. The goal is for everyone to be praying for everyone, for our leaders to be praying for each person in their group, and for the group to be praying for the leadership. And so in the following days, you might get a text, an email, an invite to a Facebook chat or group, or a phone call. Oddly enough, we’ve always needed something like this and will continue having something like this even as things subside.
  • 2020 BIBLE READING PLAN – Jump into our Bible Reading Plan and experience community through the Slack App and the Bible Reading community. Using Slack or the Slack App is actually a perfect way to stay connected to others while also reading the Word. I pray our church will be defined by the Word and prayer in this season of our ministry. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact Deacon Peter Kim.
  • ONLINE GIVING – This will be a very difficult season for lots of people and families. We’re going to need each other. Our online giving page might look a little different in the next day or two. Please don’t be alarmed. We are directing the KM members to give online through our portal until we can create one for the KM website. If you normally gave through check or cash, please begin to given through our online platform: If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Peter.
  • COMMUNICATION – One of the most important things as we continue to quarantine and exercise social distancing is to continue to communicate with one another. We will keep you updated through email and our website. We are exploring other mediums we can use to keep reaching out and keep open lines of communication so we know how we can pray for you and help you in a time of need. Let’s all continue to pray, pray, pray and see God at work. As A. W. Tozer put it, “A frightened world needs a fearless church.” Let’s seek out the face of God in this time, and be the fearless church of God together.
  • CARE FOR EACH OTHER – We are looking into all the different mechanisms by which we can be in touch with one another and care for each other as a church. I pray that our intercessory prayer groups will play a crucial role in providing care to our members. If you haven’t already, set up text threads, check in on one another, and meet needs as you are able. Make it a point especially to check in with people at risk, and let one of the deacons or pastors know if you know of any instance where someone needs help. 
Thank you again for your help and understanding in these matters. Many uneasy days and decisions lie ahead. Be prudent and wise, but not afraid; there’s a profound difference between the two. The fact is, this fallen world has always been a dangerous place. We as Christians know this, we have always known this, the Bible teaches us to expect this, and there is a wonderful fear-smashing confidence in knowing that our God is sovereign over it all. So let’s live our lives, let’s be wise and careful, and at the same time, let’s rest in the hands of our sovereign Lord, who is working all things together for the good of those who love Him. Please do reach out if you have questions or for any other reason.


Many blessings,

Pastor Peter